A monument sign tells people they have 'arrived' and is a perfect opportunity to shout out the message!  Theming doesn't stop with the logo, business cards or social posts in the storytelling experience.  This big sign has an important role to play – to give a sense of place.  Monuments are long lasting statements of what happens 'here'.  Architectural entry signs require careful planning, permitting and respect toward how they will endure the test of time.  As a designer, I love creating something that lasts longer than a blog post.  Below are samples from my archive.



ABOVE - A Beautiful Entrance

For the Tumwater Vineyard & Barrel House in West Linn a proper 'welcome' was due.  I designed a ‘modern rustic’ stone veneer-faced column with a steel through-pin and cantilevered steel box beam sign.  The through-pin was to replicate a rough hewn wood log with ‘wood’ steel spike set screws.  The main sign was themed for a rusted patina, with laser-cut lettering and an LED back light module.  Installation was completed October 2019 and looks great!  Click to view PDF.

Monument Sign Design  |  Tumwater Vineyard


BELOW - Monument and architectural signs.

In preparation for the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams at Tumwater there was a matter of designing the entry.  Gordon and I walked the dirt with a can of upside down paint to mark where the walls and columns should be.  Once back at the office I sketched it up from the field notes.  For extra elegance I then designed several cast bronze plaques for installation into the columns.

The Quintessence show home required a sign that embodied the home it represented.  To better tell the tale of this unique structure I designed a combination street address sign plus what Quintessence means.


The new Fox Glen community entrance was designed with a rusted patina finish over split face stone to endure for decades


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