Getting attention with a logo is an art.  We know a logo is what the public sees first.  It needs to tell the story and be instantly recognizable.  Hurry!  Figure you get maybe 2 seconds before the customer forgets.  Logo design is what I do and it is a wee bit of Rocket science.



ABOVE - The goal: build a website that sells the precision 24/7.  Along with the collateral and business cards, the new website launched for Hytek Company allowed clients to request service calls, submit for bids, order equipment parts and check on shipping status 24/7.  Exactly what every customer wants.

Logo + web build  |  Hytek Co.  / 2012-2018


BELOW - Explaining precision without words.

This logo needed to communicate the mission of all Hytek Company operations.  For the graphic icon I designed a gun sight/registration mark element, as it would depict PRECISION.  To express values of 'solid & trustworthy' the colors of blue and black were selected.  The notion of 'speed' meant the company name would have a forward pitch.  Sample PDF of project available below:


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