The need to tell a story over and over is why interpretive displays and kiosks are created.  The static panel display can inform any viewer with the story of a place or event.  An interactive kiosk allows users to take part by the use of touch screens or human activated elements.  These displays are found wherever museums, information centers or historic city walks are open for people to enjoy.  I have done several displays and find that they all require seeing the subject with fresh, new eyes in order to give a valuable experience to anyone who will be using it in the future.  For my portfolio, the highlighted project is one done for Oregon State Parks.



Interpretive Panels:

Hatfield West Trailhead Visitors Center: The project required interpreting the elements of work and play in relation to the site. To tell the story I designed a piece that borrowed people from several generations and backgrounds, then placed them all into this one location as if they were meeting up.  As it happens, they are all at face level and part of the interpretive experience.  The texts offer an easy to read history and beckon viewers to go outside and take in the park on their own terms.


Design notes:

My belief is that trade show kiosks and interpretive displays do not have to cost a fortune. With thoughtful design they can be light, durable and maintainable.  I forgot to mention vandal-resistant.  That has to be figured in as well.  In time these items may need updating, so it is good to plan for them from the start.  And because I do the installations, being easy to assemble on site is essential.
The image below opens a LARGE 3MB PDF overview of this project.

Project Extra:

This project also had a free-standing kiosk designed to match.
Here is the PDF for that


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