Creative artwork for special events is what I thrive upon.  For Oregon State Parks my heart always wants to go all in.  Tight budgets limit what they can offer, so I illustrate the shirt art, promo posters and window clings as needed.  The image below was drawn to depict the way history informs the present.  As the Vista House at Crown Point State Park was being renovated, it was certain that a major celebration would follow.  There was, and this art truly captured the feel.  Constructed in 1916 by hard working hands, the structure was lovingly brought back to its original beauty for 2004.



The image above was a work of love:

To begin this project I went through the State, ODOT and Oregon Historical Society archives in search of photographs taken when constructed in 1916.  That showed me the tools and methods used - hand shovels, wooden scaffolding, feathers, wedges, hammers, horse and cart...and a lot of sweat.  Those images were juxtaposed with the modern way of building construction.  My sketched idea emerged from this.  To 'force' the differing times, one side was sepia and the other full color.


THIS PAGE - A Variety Show

For the Winter Snowboarding Qualifications at Mt. Bachelor I designed a series of graphics for apparel, decals and marketing tie-ins.  This is the one for T shirt sales in Sunriver, Oregon.
Oregon Caves Monument is a great place to visit.  This fun, illustrated graphic was created for a Oregon State Parks marketing summit.  Viewable PDF below >

And then there are pieces I do just for myself - 'Fisher's of Men' line art.



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