Get Branded Here.  Branding is essential to marketing whatever is being offered.  It will go on signs, advertising, stickers, vehicle wraps, digital campaigns and the web.  Customers look for THE BRAND.  It is your identity.  So when I meet a potential branding client my first question is usually something like this:

Q: Do people know who you are?



ABOVE - Brand a useful website.

Part of the re-branding for New Home Realty was to make certain that house hunters could locate any new home (just like the company name says) in the search area using RMLS search.  This made pairing listings a snap.  It was also tricky.  But thanks to some fellows who were ex-Trulia employees it was coded perfectly.  The site was then placed into Wordpress for easy editing.  Oh and a Zendesk chat module too.

Wordpress web build  |  New Home Realty


BELOW - A logo that says 'HOME'.

Airika Waible, owner of New Home Realty desired a new logo.  Time to develop was tight.  I knew what would work.  It was a fresh design that says what they offer at a side glance; homes.  Along with the clean logo design, a high contrast color theme gave it some savvy POP.  Once approved all new collateral was created including: signs, banners, web elements, flyer's, printed items, and social media templates.


Logo design  |  New Home Realty / 2018

Brand Collateral

The brand goes into the world 24/7.  Branded Collateral is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. It's the tangible evidence of the brand, designed congruent with the brands core values and personality.  The logo + brand will be everywhere and on everything, to tell your story to anyone who sees it.  You will find branded collateral on items and campaigns such as:

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, Signage, Promotional items, Corporate gear, Printed & PDF Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Micro-sites, Landing pages, Websites, Social media graphics, Packaging, Email blasts, Instagram posts, Point-of-Purchase, EDDM Direct Mail, Vehicle graphics, Advertising, Trade show Displays, Exhibition Stands & Graphics, YouTube videos, Event promotional materials


All of these items and more are designed with a specific objective or strategy in mind. They make up the tactical material of your brand marketing toolkit that will be used to achieve your brand strategy. Your collateral materials are often the first impression prospective customers get of your product or service, and first impressions really count in a crowded marketplace.





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ABOVE To best tell the story of this 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams show home I designed a logo and theme of design that conveyed a constant message.  The home was state of the art in design and energy efficiency.  It was outfitted with the most cutting-edge fixtures and architectural features.  In all, it was the quintessence of home construction.

That became the name of the home, ‘Quintessence’.  It is derived from the sum of all elements, the fifth and highest of all.

The designed collateral included a monument at the street, serving as home address and an informational resource.  There was a granite plaque placed in the back-yard living area with the name and the story.  For public consumption I designed + created a generous offering of take-away goodies including circular peel-off stickers with each of the elements, wooden tokens with the Quintessence home logo icon on one side and the logo of the home builder on the reverse.  A series of ‘trading cards’ with images and details promoting the home builders’ other available communities, along with a featured ‘Quintessence’ card all its own.  A printed and digital booklet gave guests something to take and read after the show, plus a plethora of brochures highlighting the award-winning aspects of the ‘Quintessence’ show home.  Talk about exiting through the gift shop, the exit garage area was a bevy of branded collateral crafted to evoke a strong affinity for the home and its builder.  The endeavor worked and it won best of show and sold shortly thereafter.  Branding works!



ABOVE For this 2007 Street of Dreams show home promotion all stops were removed, it would be immersive!  The home was to be named “Pinnacle” in reference to the grandeur of its design.  Even as the architect worked on the plan, I began creating a theme of design based on a made-up family crest to depict a certain lineage.  Once that was finalized, the motif was coupled with a proper font and color set.

I blasted the media with a mix of themed email campaigns, direct mailings, discount coupons and TV advertising tie ins.  There were magazine pages, photo essays and advertisements galore.  Huge signs told project visitors what was being constructed on this plot of land, with brochures to take home if they wish.  As construction continued, I designed carpets, bronze plaques, pool table felt, in-house trim and started on the take-away collateral for the upcoming show.  Invites were created and printed, sealed with a real wax seal to further embed the old-world theme of design.  A company in the UK made a wax seal embosser for me to use!

Come show time the crowds had quite a lot to feast upon.  Along with themed brochures, they could take a page with the house colors and trim selections.  These printed items were also available as PDF downloads via the home builder website.  I also coded a special version of the company website to reflect the show home, with an old-world theme and delightful interactive elements.  Photographs became on-line viewers and in-home displays.  A themed deck of playing cards, poker chips and additional take-me-home items went into thousands of show attendees pockets.