I really enjoy creating great graphics...and also some fine car art as well.  For automotive illustration its all in the details, like knowing what the difference is between a 1957 and 1958 Chevrolet is (so important).  Then to create a design that appeals to a wide range of Chevrolet buffs, which is not hard to do.  Thus is the task of delivering a piece of automotive artwork.

The samples here show details from completed projects.  *Spoiler alert - My first love as a young boy was drawing cool cars.



Creating the Automotive artwork:

It always starts with a sketch (great illustration has to start somewhere).  A sketch conveys what the customer desires and how I am interpreting it.  Then once down on paper, it is straight into building the illustration as vector artwork.
Every artist has a path to completing the piece.  As for me the preference is to build my designs as mechanical pieces - that is to build the color separations as the art is developed.  This method saves time later when running films.


THIS PAGE - Shine and Show

The gathering of car enthusiasts is a place where great conversations happen.  Nothing but folks smiling and sharing the story of the shiny car they represent.  When drawing, I try to convey the excitement these owners have for their vehicles - to establish 'kinship'.  It matters, as the attendees will be wearing the shirt I designed for many years to come.  True story: On a flight from LAX I was behind a fellow wearing a shirt I designed years previous!   Viewable PDF below >


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